Wooden Chess

Chess pieces handcrafted from the highest quality wood. All models, from the smallest to the largest, have been produced with the greatest attention to detail. Our offer includes tournament chess, traditional chess, carved chess and magnetic chess.

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Wooden chess

Wood is the most classic material for making chess pieces. It has been used for centuries and is still used today. Alongside it there have been others, such as in the case of magnetic chess, but it is the wooden sets that are still the most popular ones. In addition to the purely visual aspects, i.e. the fact that chess pieces made of wood are simply beautiful, purely practical issues are also behind their popularity. Particularly large wooden chess pieces are extremely handy and ergonomic, but their slightly smaller variants are also the ones that are much more comfortable to play with than even the tiny magnetic sets, chosen rather for travel due to their size.

Wood chess - a sure thing

This type of chess has other advantages as well. Not only are they easy to grasp confidently during games, but carved wooden lacquered chess pieces are really durable. In addition, such large sized pieces are indeed difficult to lose irreparably. They work great in the hands of experienced as well as beginner chess players, even those who still have trouble holding a crayon correctly in their hand, but are already making their first moves on the chessboard. Wooden chess pieces are handmade items. It is enough to look at their intricate workmanship and the tiniest elements to see that it is an intricate workmanship far from the tape-based, factory-made one. Such chess pieces work well both in tournaments and amateur games. Handmade chesses are also intarsia chesses and made and decorated with numerous other sublime techniques.

Great wooden chess pieces

Chess, as a game with centuries of tradition, is not only one of the very iconic pastimes, but also a very noble one. However, they are economical and widely available, unlike other snobbish games that require strategic thinking, such as golf. Moreover, chess is a special type of noble game, where financial outlay is not enough, but what counts above all is a keen mind. Wooden chess, however, is nevertheless not a game popular enough to very commonly "go under the thatches" and is still associated with entertainment that reigned in the old courts and belongs to the "high-end" category.

Wooden chess is an ideal gift idea

It is because of such features of handmade wooden chess pieces that makes them a unique gift. It is worth remembering, however, that this is not a gift for everyone. If we have a limited budget, and we have been invited somewhere where it is appropriate for the gift to be elegant and sublime, it is the handmade chess pieces that can be a hit. Moreover - only for enthusiasts of this game even where it is not overly luxurious, wooden chess for a gift is a great idea. Classic wooden chess pieces have many renditions. From those completely simple and classic, in subdued colors, through unconventional unveilings of them, such as chess pieces, of course, made of wood, but with figures and pawns inspired by popular Russian babushkas.

  • Szachy Ambasador 54 cmSzachy Ambasador 54 cm
  • Chess Beskid 50 cmChess Beskid 50 cm
  • Consul Chess 48 cmConsul Chess 48 cm
  • Indian Chess L - 47 cmIndian Chess L - 47 cm
  • Club Chess 47 cmClub Chess 47 cm
  • Midgard Chess 30 cmMidgard Chess 30 cm
  • Chess Pearl L - 41 cmChess Pearl L - 41 cm
  • Chess Pearl M - 35 cmChess Pearl M - 35 cm
  • Chess Pearl S - 28 cmChess Pearl S - 28 cm
  • Chess Senator 40 cmChess Senator 40 cm
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    • Chess Senator 40 cmChess Senator 40 cm
    • Chess Senator 40 cm

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  • Tournament Chess 4 - IntarsiaTournament Chess 4 - Intarsia
  • Tournament Chess 6 - IntarsiaTournament Chess 6 - Intarsia


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